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4.75" x 8" Raven/ Pentagram ches

Beautiful large wooded carved chest to hold anything special to you! Depiction of a crow, pentacles,..

$23.36 Ex Tax: $23.36

7 1/2

7 1/2"x7 1/2" 7 Chakra box

This is a large wooden square box with the 7 Chakra symbols carved on top of the hinged cover. Rod i..

$31.16 Ex Tax: $31.16

Celtic Cross Treasure chest

Celtic Cross Treasure chest

This fantastic chest is marvelously constructed of wood, accented by riveted metal in the form of an..

$37.40 Ex Tax: $37.40

Dome Chest 3

Dome Chest 3" X 3"

A simple little chest featuring a hinged decorative domed lid, latch and metal strapping. Rustic age..

$4.64 Ex Tax: $4.64

Hecate Triple Pentagram Treasure Chest

Hecate Triple Pentagram Treasure Chest

Featuring the triple moon and pentagram design associated with the Triple Goddess 8..

$19.46 Ex Tax: $19.46

Pentagram Bone Chest 3

Pentagram Bone Chest 3" x 2"

Featuring a pentagram, this mini bone chest is the perfect piece for storing small amounts of incens..

$6.98 Ex Tax: $6.98

Pentagram chest

Pentagram chest

A hand carved wooden chest with a pentacle in the lid and metal decorations and pull rings. drawer i..

$21.80 Ex Tax: $21.80

Pentagram Round-Top box

Pentagram Round-Top box

This box has a rounded lid bound within brass bands. Featuring three pentagrams, it possesses a very..

$17.90 Ex Tax: $17.90

Salem Pentagram Chest

Salem Pentagram Chest

This wonderful wooden chest provide a distinctive shape that is perfect for spell craft and ritual w..

$23.36 Ex Tax: $23.36

Tree of Life Treasure chest 7

Tree of Life Treasure chest 7"x 5"x 4 1/2"

A wonderful, round topped, wooden box featuring a stylized Tree of Life carving covering the front a..

$18.68 Ex Tax: $18.68

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