Cloth Patches

Celtic Pentagram patch 3

Celtic Pentagram patch 3"

This patch consists of a knotwork double pentagram of gold and silver, on a navy background, surroun..

$3.62 Ex Tax: $3.62

Cernunnos sew-on patch 3

Cernunnos sew-on patch 3"

A golden Cernunnos, Lord of the Hunt, as depicted on the Gundestrap Cauldron, against a green backgr..

$3.62 Ex Tax: $3.62

Eye of Horus sew-on patch 3

Eye of Horus sew-on patch 3"

Multicolored Eye of Horus on black background with yellow edging. Metallic gold stitching accents th..

$3.62 Ex Tax: $3.62

Green Man iron-on patch 3

Green Man iron-on patch 3"

This patch depicts the legendary Green Man, his green and black face is highly contrasted against a ..

$3.62 Ex Tax: $3.62

Horus sew-on patch 3

Horus sew-on patch 3"

Horus is the son of Isis and Osiris, an Egyptian god of the sun and sky; he is often represented as ..

$3.62 Ex Tax: $3.62

Isis sew-on patch 3

Isis sew-on patch 3"

Great Mother, Queen of Heaven and Earth, Mistress of Magick, Ultimate Healer . . . Isis has been wor..

$3.62 Ex Tax: $3.62

Leafy Pentagram patch 3

Leafy Pentagram patch 3"

An interwoven silver pentagram, surrounded by heart-shaped green ivy leaves on a black background, w..

$3.62 Ex Tax: $3.62

Paleo Shaman iron-on patch 3

Paleo Shaman iron-on patch 3"

Depicting one of the oldest cave paintings in Europe, this patch displays what appears to be a man w..

$3.62 Ex Tax: $3.62

Wolf sew-on patch 3

Wolf sew-on patch 3"

The moon, large and full in the background surrounded by stars in the foreground is a large, gray mo..

$3.62 Ex Tax: $3.62

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