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1 1/2" Egill's Torque pewter

The traditional twisted wire torque of Egill the Icelandic warrior and raider, with finials depictin..

$28.04 Ex Tax: $28.04

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1 1/2" Lune Noir

A dolorous and dark waning moon drips the portent of an oppressive and melancholy episode. Let the p..

$36.62 Ex Tax: $36.62

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1 1/2" Pentacle of the Goat pewter

From the Wiccan Collection comes detailed Pentacle Of The Goat. The inverted Pentacle is the symbol ..

$11.66 Ex Tax: $11.66

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1 1/8" Energy Chakra with pouch

Energy Chakra Necklace (w/ 20" chain and blue velvet pouch). Brass with silver electroplating...

$9.32 Ex Tax: $9.32

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1 1/8" Yantra Chakra with pouch

Yantra Chakra Necklace (w/ 20" chain and blue velvet pouch). Brass with silver electroplating...

$9.32 Ex Tax: $9.32

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1 3/4" Elven Star pewter

The Wiccan symbol of the seven pointed star, or septagram, represents the seven paths to the higher ..

$30.38 Ex Tax: $30.38


1" Wiccan Elemental Pentagram

The Wiccan pentacle representing the five elements, the five senses and the five points of the sacre..

$20.24 Ex Tax: $20.24


2" Athame pewter

The name of the black-handled, double-edged ceremonial dagger of Wicca, one of the four elemental to..

$22.58 Ex Tax: $22.58


2" Helm of Awe Ravenskull pewter

This raven's skull has been engraved upon its head with the Icelandic stave symbol, 'Aegishjalmur', ..

$35.06 Ex Tax: $35.06


3" Ankh w/ Athame

The modern vampyre's talisman of eternity, incorporating its secret life-blood blade inside the symb..

$45.20 Ex Tax: $45.20


3/4" Dante's Hex Pentagram

A simple but effective Mediaeval style pentagram, of a fashion that would be familiar to the great 1..

$14.00 Ex Tax: $14.00

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4 1/4" Pagan Dream Catcher pewter

This traditional style dream snare has a pentagram woven into its fine web and supports a sacred cre..

$49.88 Ex Tax: $49.88

Angel Ring pendant

Angel Ring pendant

The seals of the seven planetary angels are depicted within the enamel; Gabriel (Moon), Raphael (Mer..

$28.04 Ex Tax: $28.04



Working miniature of C.18th instrument to measure the direct path of destiny between specified heave..

$39.74 Ex Tax: $39.74

Ankh With Hieroglyphics

Ankh With Hieroglyphics

Sculpted of lead-free pewter, this pendant has been sculpted into the form of an Egyptian ankh, cove..

$3.86 Ex Tax: $3.86

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