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3" Chakra Healing wand

This small chakra healing wand features seven colored stones, one for each of the chakras, running u..

$16.34 Ex Tax: $16.34

4 1/2

4 1/2" Selenite wand

Twisted into a spiral, this selenite has rounded tip at both ends. The base uses a different stone, ..

$20.24 Ex Tax: $20.24

5 1/2

5 1/2" Rose Quartz healing wand

This beautiful Rose Quartz wand is filled with unconditional love and ready to do some loving healin..

$32.72 Ex Tax: $32.72


6" 7 Chakra Amethyst healing wand

This amethyst chakra healing wand features seven colored stones, one for each of the chakras, runnin..

$38.96 Ex Tax: $38.96


6" Selenite wand

This selenite wand is a powerful aid in seeking mental clarity or in channeling energies, and can be..

$4.64 Ex Tax: $4.64

8 1/2

8 1/2" Ball & Chakra Stones wand

The carved design of this wand is intricately detailed and impressive. Flowers and swirled designs c..

$10.88 Ex Tax: $10.88


8" Money Wand

Featuring gemstones on either end with symbols of wealth in its shaft, this is a powerful aid in cha..

$19.46 Ex Tax: $19.46


9" Pentagram wand

Enjoy the feel of this wand with all the grooves and knots replicating a real tree. Bark is swirling..

$9.32 Ex Tax: $9.32

Ash wand 13-16

Ash wand 13-16"

Ash wands are a useful tool for directing energy in any ritual or spell setting. All wands vary grea..

$22.58 Ex Tax: $22.58

Copper 7 Chakra Healing Wand

Copper 7 Chakra Healing Wand

Featuring a copper shaft approximately 4 1/2", this copper healing wand features seven colored stone..

$16.34 Ex Tax: $16.34

Copper Healing wand 7

Copper Healing wand 7"

This is a beautiful hand-crafted copper wand. It has a crystal ball on one end and a clear crystal p..

$21.80 Ex Tax: $21.80

Ebony wand 14

Ebony wand 14"

Carved by hand, each of these solid ebony wands is a powerful addition to ritual magic, helping to d..

$35.06 Ex Tax: $35.06

Healing wand silver plated 8

Healing wand silver plated 8"

A wand useful as an aid in healing practices for directing beneficial energies. Silver plated brass..

$22.58 Ex Tax: $22.58

Lignum Vitae wand 14

Lignum Vitae wand 14"

Lignum Vitae is durable and strong, and even sinks in water. It is known for helping to preserve hea..

$35.06 Ex Tax: $35.06

Long Magic wand 15

Long Magic wand 15"

These wooded magic wands have been carved for use within your spellcraft, with no two being exactly ..

$9.32 Ex Tax: $9.32

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