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8-12" Smudging "eagle" feather

Top quality Turkey feathers that have been dyed to match the tail feathers of the golden Eagle. Grea..

$3.08 Ex Tax: $3.08

Black Feather 12

Black Feather 12"

This black feather can be trimmed as an old fashion ink pen or used in smudging, and is great for al..

$1.52 Ex Tax: $1.52

Blue Feather 12

Blue Feather 12"

This plain blue feather can be quite useful within your ritual magick. Use it by itself as a fan for..

$1.52 Ex Tax: $1.52

Bronze Pre-tail Turkey feather

Bronze Pre-tail Turkey feather

Useful for smudging or as a quill pen, this feather is of great use in your magical crafts and spell..

$1.95 Ex Tax: $1.95

Bronze Turkey Tail feather

Bronze Turkey Tail feather

Perfect for your rituals, spells and ceremonies, this turkey feather is great both as a quill pen an..

$5.42 Ex Tax: $5.42

Green Feather 12

Green Feather 12"

This green feather is perfect for trimming down and using as a traditional pen or otherwise using in..

$1.52 Ex Tax: $1.52

Natural Gray Goose feather

Natural Gray Goose feather

This goose feather makes for a wonderful, small dip pen, it is perfect for written magick and ritual..

$0.98 Ex Tax: $0.98

Peacock feather (pk of 10)

Peacock feather (pk of 10)

Representing the pure soul, that can't be corrupted, in all it's majestic beauty and natural intrica..

$6.20 Ex Tax: $6.20

Pink feather 12

Pink feather 12"

This pink feather is of great use as a traditional pen for inscribing love spells and as a smudging ..

$1.52 Ex Tax: $1.52

Purple feather 12

Purple feather 12"

Dyed purple, this turkey feather can be used in smudging intended to enhance psychic ability or othe..

$1.52 Ex Tax: $1.52

Red feather 12

Red feather 12"

Of great value in love spells, this red feather can be used in smudging or trimmed down and used as ..

$1.52 Ex Tax: $1.52

White feather 12

White feather 12"

This plain white feather can be quite useful within your ritual magick. Use it by itself as a fan fo..

$1.52 Ex Tax: $1.52

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