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10" Frost Dragon Storm ball

Watch the storm swirl in two modes as the dragon holds the crystal globe in his mouth with teeth exp..

$32.17 Ex Tax: $32.17


9" Lady of Lake

This 9" cold cast bronze statue, is a beautiful hand polished statue, depicting "Lady of the Lake" g..

$43.11 Ex Tax: $43.11

Dragon door knocker

Dragon door knocker

A beautiful cold cast resin, hand painted dragon's head door knocker with metal knocking ring and kn..

$21.24 Ex Tax: $21.24

Elemental Fairy Fire 12

Elemental Fairy Fire 12"

Part of a set of four stunning fairy statues dedicated to the elements. Unbelievable detail and view..

$33.99 Ex Tax: $33.99

Forest Pentagram Dragon Wall Plaque 13

Forest Pentagram Dragon Wall Plaque 13"

From the artwork of Anne Stokes, a beautiful fusion of the natural with the magical, the forest pent..

$54.04 Ex Tax: $54.04

Greenman door knocker

Greenman door knocker

Bring the Greenman into your home with this ornamental door knocker. Knocker ball shape varies. Cold..

$17.59 Ex Tax: $17.59

Metatron Angel 10

Metatron Angel 10"

In the hierarchy of heaven, archangels are some of the most important and most powerful of angels. E..

$55.26 Ex Tax: $55.26

Pink/Purple Dragon w/ Stone 4

Pink/Purple Dragon w/ Stone 4"

An adorable statue of beautifully detailed dragon in pink and purple. The dragon lays resting with w..

$14.55 Ex Tax: $14.55

St. Michael 10

St. Michael 10"

A beautiful and highly detailed statue depicting St. Michael chaining the beast. Cold cast resin, ha..

$44.93 Ex Tax: $44.93

Steampunk Dragon

Steampunk Dragon

An amazing mechanical dragon with such a high level of detail you almost expect the little gears to ..

$44.32 Ex Tax: $44.32

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