Cotton & a Leather pouch

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Blue Cotton Bag

Blue Cotton Bag

Known for being in use in spells of healing, dreams, wisdom and justice, this blue cotton bag is qui..

$1.52 Ex Tax: $1.52

Orange Cotton Bag 3

Orange Cotton Bag 3" x 4"

Known to be particularly useful in spells of joy, and personal success, this orange cotton bag is qu..

$1.52 Ex Tax: $1.52

Red Cotton bag 3

Red Cotton bag 3" x 4"

Intended for gris gris bags and other magical creations, this red bag is perfect for safekeeping sma..

$1.52 Ex Tax: $1.52

Reversing  Red & Black Cotton Bag

Reversing Red & Black Cotton Bag

Use it to hold your spell components to remove curses and other harmful spells, as well as in creati..

$2.30 Ex Tax: $2.30

Yellow Cotton Bag

Yellow Cotton Bag

Useful in seeking mental clarity, memory, creativity and joy, this yellow cotton bag is great for ho..

$1.52 Ex Tax: $1.52

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